Prog Magazine - "An articulate musical statement. An auspicious debut."

My Global Mind - "I'm not sure what surprises me most – the quality and magnitude of this release or the fact that this creation is the product of only 3 musicians, 3 multi-talented musicians I may add." - 10/10

Moshville - "So even if you don't consider yourself to be a fan of prog music per sé, I can thoroughly vouch for this astral delight of a record and urge you to make room for this in your collection."

Devils Gate Media - "Superb stuff... As far as debut albums go this is a stunning effort."

Delta-v Album Cover

Maximum Volume Music - "It's purely and simply an astounding piece of work on every level." - 9/10

Heavy Blog is Heavy - " you have an open road that needs travelling, a chair that you simply must dance in or a starry sky into which to gaze? Then Delta-V is the album for you."

Far Beyond Written - "Delta-v demonstrates classically-inclined prog at its very finest, to the point where if this record came out thirty-to-forty years earlier, it would now be hailed as a genre-bending masterwork." - 9/10